Reading Through Rural Communities

The Central Valley is ripe with rural farmworker communities often home to young English language learners. At Rural Communities Rising, we believe every child deserves to have access to engaging and culturally relevant literature. That’s why we began the Reading Through Rural Communities project aimed at installing free little libraries (Bibliotequitas Gratis) throughout rural communities in Fresno County. 

Currently, our free little libraries have been custom built and are undergoing the final stages of their creation to be installed in Raisin City, Mendota, Lanare, Cantua Creek, Huron, and San Joaquin. 

This project has been funded by the generosity of community members. Without their support we would not be able to help take the joy of literature directly to rural neighborhoods. 


We continue to accept donations to decorate, maintain, and fully stock our free little libraries. Visit the DONATE button if you’d like to support Reading Through Rural Communities.

Clothing Assistance in Raisin City
RCR began providing clothing assistance to Raisin City at the request of community leader, Lara. RCR now maintains a closet of new and second hand clothing to provide at no cost to low-income families across west Fresno County. 
Clothing and Food Assistance in Mendota

Community leader, Ofelia, noted the need for food and clothing assistance to local seniors who often lack access to transportation to visit local shopping centers. RCR provides Ofelia with clothing to give to local seniors and often farmworker families as well.


PPE and Food Distribution in Huron

Noting the importance of the 2020 Census and the need for farmworkers to access PPE during the height of the COVID pandemic, RCR hosted multiple food and PPE distributions in partnership with the rural census count staff. 


Food, PPE, and Service Guide Distribution in San Joaquin

RCR makes it a point to provide bilingual information regarding resources available to them including assistance available to them through their elected representatives at a local, state, and federal level.